2. General Motivation & Development Program (GMDP)

- Unleash the Power of Mind

- NLP Mastery– Neuro Linguistic Programming for ALL

- Parenting Seminar

- Modern Mind Yoga Program

- Tarot Cards Program

- How to be successful Business Person Program

- Millionaire Mantra Program - Journey from 0 to Million

- Life Enhancement & Mastery 4 days Program – PQ(Physical Quotient),             IQ(Intelligent Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient)

- Break your limits Program

Duration: 2 Hours to 4 days

Few Glimpse:

- Generate Self-Confidence & Power to take required Actions by breaking     mental limitations

- Relieve Stress & Gain Mental Peace.

- Get out of Depression, fears, phobias & Emotional set-backs.

- Get everlasting Happy Relationships, release any hatred & guilt or anger

- Come in Peak-Performance State by generating physical & mental strength.

- Get back your real energy Get Positive Mental Attitude & Get rid from     negative thoughts & emotions

- Learn Goal setting & achieving, along with lifelong progress secrets

- Learn to receive Cosmic Energy & Meditate.

- Get Total Life-Balance in Every field of life & Learn how to get perfect Fitness     & Body Shape & relief from health diseases

- Attract money by learning financial principles & increase your income

- Remove insomnia & get sound sleep. Also Learn to wake-up without alarm in   morning

- Increase Convincing & Influencing Power

- Learn to control pain Understand Human Psychology & get Self-Control to     get Everlasting self-motivation & drive for progress

- Change in Habits & Behaviour Patterns and learn Addiction Removal     Technique