4. Self- Mastery Program(SMP)

- Mind Mastery: Power to Achieve Anything and Everything.
- Advance Memory Power: Power to remember everything what you want.
- Passion Mastery: Have Burning desire & Strong willingness to achieve your Goal.
- Leadership Developments: Grow with Passion and Lead the World
- NLP for studies: Know you’re learning pattern & science to recall anything within few     second.
- Photography Memory: Recall with the Speed of more than 1500 words per min and       power to remember everything while reading
- Goal analysis & Graph method & All subject mastery method (Get everyday report of       your progress)
- Life Mastery: Strategy to come out of any failure, rejection or depression.
- Attitude: Be the person who learn in Failure(Anger, Plan, Time and Work Management)
- Power of Thinking BIG & Creative Visualization
- Planning & strategy Mastery (Prepare a master plan for your life and your goals)
- Peak Performance (Power to give 100% whenever you want even in tough situation)
- Ultimate Speech & Emotions Mastery
- Presentation and Personality Mastery
- Advance Goal Setting, Achieving, Stress Management & Life Management
Most Powerful Technique
- Learn the Chapter of BBA BCA MEDICAL IIT’s ENGINEERING or any other subject in 10     mins(CHALLENGE) at the end of self mastery
Duration: 5 weekends Event