Mr.Sajan Shah

Vision: "To devote my time and efforts towards helping youth to discover themselves and to unleash their full potential.”

Sajan Shah, is a young, energetic motivational speaker and transforming lives is his mission. His passion is to help people reach self-realisation and create extra-ordinary changes in their lives so that they can unleash their hidden and dormant potential. Helping his learners to convert their dreams into reality is his most fulfilling reward. His seminars are filled with thrill, fun and passion where there's never a dull moment. Attendees actively participate and gain practical lessons instead of just "listening", because Sajan strongly believes that "Knowledge is useless if you don't use it.” This makes his seminars highly result oriented and help people experience an instant shift in perspective by setting definite goals and objectives. They get strategies, tools and a clearly defined path to personal fulfilment, success and happiness. Whether it's a 90 minute talk, a one day workshop or a one week seminar, Sajan's electrifying speeches arrest the attention of his listeners with his strong messages and unique style.

About the Author: Mr. Sajan Shah

The Youngest 'Guru' of the life coaching industry in India, Sajan is versatile and conducts diverse programs such as: 'You vs You', Boost your Business, Ultimate Self Mastery, Master Leadership Program, Youth Development & Motivational Program, Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management, NLP and Personality TRANSFORMATION. Through his life transforming seminars and programs, he has touched the lives of more than 900,000 people including students, professionals and housewives. Besides individuals, his clients include corporate and business houses, banks, NGOs, government departments, educational institutions, associations and other organizations.

Well known as :

   - India’s Youngest Memory Man of India
   - India’s Youngest Life Coach
   - India’s Youngest Motivational Speaker